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Peripheral Arterial Testing Competency

The American College of Foot & Ankle Orthopedics & Medicine (ACFAOM) has partnered with a Minnesota-based medical device company, BioMedix Vascular Solutions, Inc., to develop a comprehensive training and certification program focusing on BioMedix’s PADnet™ technology. This certification program is overseen by ACFAOM’s BioMedix Advisory Board and Board of Directors.

There are three components in the training process:

PADnet+ informational tools consisting of a training manual, a PADnet+ Users Guide and a tutorial CD-Rom
On-site training by a Clinical Specialist demonstrating how to perform an Ankle-Brachial Index (ABI), Toe-Brachial Index (TBI) and Pulse Volume Recordings (PVR) using the PADnet+ system
Content-based examination reviewing PADnet+ operating issues and patient information
The requirements for earning the ACFAOM Certificate in Community-Based Peripheral Arterial Testing Competency are:

Completion of a comprehensive training program
Passage of a Web-based multiple-choice examination
Completion of ten tests on patients, reviewed for accuracy and quality of results

Upon successful completion of the certification program, a technician is eligible to receive a Certificate of Competence in Community-Based Peripheral Arterial Testing recognizing the technician’s proficiency and knowledge using PADnet+ for testing for P.A.D.

ACFAOM believes that this comprehensive certification program fosters a collaborative care model for diagnosing P.A.D. Utilizing the PADnet+ technology, physicians in a primary care setting can perform the ABI, TBI and PVR tests. These tests are then sent electronically and interpreted by a specialist such as a cardiologist, vascular surgeon or interventional radiologist to determine whether or not a patient has P.A.D.

This collaborative care model allows for earlier P.A.D. detection in patients, resulting in:

Improved patient function
Reduced healthcare costs
Prolonged patient life
For additional information about becoming ACFAOM certified to operate PADnet+ equipment or to learn more about the collaborative care model, call (877) 854-0014 or visit

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