ACPM Live Learning Center

Welcome to the new ACPM ‘Live Learning Center’!

This ‘Live Learning Center’ has been developed to bring current education on all aspects of ACPM’s mission to its members, and also to DPMs who look to ACPM as the one professional society in podiatric medicine that represents what most practicing podiatrists do on a day-to-day basis. This will be an ongoing project and will grow over time as more educational materials are embedded in the center. The emphasis will be on biomechanics and medicine, the cornerstone of contemporary podiatric practice.

When you enter the LLC from the link below, you will find a series of Featured Sessions. Click on the first one, top left, to get started. Below the Featured sessions are a series of ‘channels’ that will eventually be populated by approved educational videos and other media provided by ACPM’s ‘Educational Partners’, corporations that believe in ACPM’s educational mission. All four biomechanical evaluation videos are in the College Channel.

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