ACPM 2015 Annual Clinical Conference

ACFAOM’s 2015 Annual Clinical Conference will be held at the Orlando World Center Marriott, Orlando, Florida. This 1-day, 8 CECHs, interactive program will follow the same very successful educational format introduced at last year’s Annual Clinical Conference. And it is FREE to ACPM members as a membership benefit.


Consistent with the ACPM Board’s decision to present a full 3-day meeting in even years and a 1-day meeting associated with another national conference in odd years, we are collaborating with APMA this year to present a case based, office based, and evidence based educational program the day before the APMA Annual Scientific Meeting. This will not be the usual passive education provided at most podiatric conferences. You will be an engaged and active participant in the whole learning process. The faculty members act as coaches, and encourage participants to present their own ideas about the cases presented. You will leave the conference more aware and capable of dealing with the potential issues that can spring from seemingly minor presenting chief complaints.


Podiatric Biomechanics (8 am-12 pm)

Current Biomechanical Principles for Your Practice

Faculty: Drs. Stephen Albert, Daniel Evans, Jonathan Moore

This session will focus on how current concepts in biomechanics can be integrated into your practice and enhance your clinical skills to obtain more consistent and predictable outcomes. Real cases will be used to demonstrate the step by step thought processes that will guide you in your treatment planning to assure better long term solutions. Interactive dialogue between experienced faculty and engaged participants will ignite a passionate dialogue on the practical and the evidence based aspects of the clinical conditions being discussed. And the “Science” and “Art” of medicine will be merged to produce clinical results that work!! Real cases will include posterior tibial dysfunction, lateral ankle instability, and adult acquired flatfoot. Furthermore, ‘Fall Prevention Protocols’ and the podiatrist’s role will make you confident about implementing this important area of practice as soon as you return home. As a bonus, step-by-step instruction on how to perform a quick, yet thorough, biomechanical and gait analysis will be presented, emphasizing how to incorporate this useful diagnostic protocol in your daily practice.

Podiatric Medicine (1-5 pm)

A Day in the Life of Your Medical Practice: Doctor, Your next patient is in Room 1

Faculty: Drs. Daniel Evans, Jason Harrill, Rosemay Michel, Kathleen Satterfield, Terry Weaver

Today’s podiatric physician does it all: ‘Amputation Prevention Protocols and Procedures’ to cutting toenails, corns and calluses. Reading radiographs and addressing arthritic, neurological, and vascular Issues are common aspects of your practice day. Today’s podiatrist must be well versed and refreshed from time to time on the diversity of Podiatric Medicine. The variety is endless and so are the challenges. In this interactive session, utilizing real cases, you will come along with the faculty and make your own practice decisions and compare outcomes. “The Red, Hot, Swollen Foot” with foot ulcer still makes every DPM’s heart skip a beat despite years of clinical experience. Charcot Foot? Osteomyelitis? Or maybe something else? Come and see! What about that red, swollen leg? Cellulitis? Venous Stasis? And a puncture wound in a child. Simple or complicated? What about a Percutaneous Calcaneal Biopsy? Quick and easy, or a disaster? Join us and find out!!

Membership Meeting/Reception (5-6 pm)

An opportunity for all current ACPM members, and attendees interested in joining ACPM, to hear reports on the status of the College from ACPM officers, to voice opinions on how to make the College more useful to members, and to have a glass of wine and some hors d’oeuvres to wrap up the meeting.


Registration for ACPM 2015 will be handled as part of the registration process for the APMA Annual Scientific Meeting. Hotel reservations can be made at the same time. Register now at the APMA site here. Remember, ACPM 2015 registration is FREE for ACPM members. APMA registration is currently $495 until July 9. So register NOW.

For more information, contact Jennifer Mulligan at, or 301-718-6534.